This step breaks down into two components. Bookkeeping and KPI Reporting. By keeping your books on our cloud based system, we'll be able to monitor all of your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and assess how close you are to your financial goals and ensure you keep moving toward them. This doesn't involve any extra work on your part or your staffs' part. You simply start inputting your numbers on our cloud based system every week/month like you do with your current accounting software. Our software and my team take it from there. Of course, you can monitor any number of reports yourself to ensure you're staying on target between evaluation calls with us.


If we are going to rapidly accelerate you toward your financial goals, we need to have a map. You wouldn't set out on a road trip to somewhere you've never been by saying, "I think we should head North." If you did, you might get there, but probably not. Same with your financial destination. Our road will include revenue projections based in realty, financial allocations and budgets for each part of your practice, and projected profit numbers. Based on those projections we can determine the quickest and safest way for you to reach your desired financial destination and make sure you stay on target. It doesn't sound sexy, I know. But you will literally have a road map to follow that will show you how to get truly independently wealth!


After we get your practice running like a well oiled machine, we will work with you on getting new to help you grow your practice. We first start off with a cash flow surge campaign to get your lost patients back to your practice. We then will work with you to come up with a marketing strategy to help fuel the growth in your practice and put a system in place to help your front office staff follow up with those leads we help you increase the production in your practice to help you become more wealthy so you can live the life you want.