“I Want To Help Every Dentist In America Reach Their Financial Goals Faster Than They Ever Thought Possible. All Of My Clients Should Be In A Position To Retire, If They Want To, Within 5 Short Years Of Entering My Coaching Program!”

With an extensive background in banking and accounting for dental practices, Ben Dangel is uniquely qualified to lead a coaching program designed to help dentists achieve all of their financial goals.

“I’m not interested in showing dentists how to market their practice. There are a million people doing that. Any dentist who’s interested in getting more business can throw a stone and find someone willing and capable of showing them how. But what does it matter if they gross $10,000,000 in fees if they don’t keep anything personally?”

When I was doing accounting for dental practices in a public accounting firm, revenue was rarely the problem for the practices I worked with. However, practically none of the dentists were making the money they should’ve been making.

That’s when I knew I had to do something to help…that’s where Dental Profit Advisors came from.

As a competitive golf player in college, with a 4 handicap, Ben understands the importance of taking 100% responsibility as a single player in “the game” of life and business. Taking responsibility for winning in all aspects of life.

And as former soldier in the US Army Reserve, Ben understands the power of a mission, the importance of being part of a team, and the synergy that happens when each member of the team does their part.

That’s why he wants to join your team, as your “virtual CFO.” With his help, you can achieve your financial goals quicker than you ever thought possible!