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At Dental Profit Advisors, LLC we are dedicated to creating accounting solutions that save time, reduce taxes, and make life easier for busy dentists. As your dental accounting firm, we'll handle the heavy lifting on the financial side of your pracitce so you’re free to focus on running it. We’ll develop a package accounting services that's customized to your needs including tax planning strategies, CFO services, practice management consulting, bookkeeping, and much more. From starting out as a new dentist, to growing your own practice, to eventual practice transition, we offer all the support dentists need at every stage of their career in the dental industry.

Working with us will be cost-effective for your dental practice because we'll put you in the best possible tax position. We know how to legally leverage the tax code to dramatically reduce your taxes at year-end. Working with us is convenient for busy dentists because we make tax planning easy so there are no hassles or surprises at tax time.

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You Are Here Because

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I'm just not personally making enough money from my already successful practice. I generate $1,000,000 or more in fees every year, but I'm not making anywhere near 40% of that personally.

Dentist Circle

I'm burning out right now. I work way too hard for the money I make, and I need something to change before I throw up my arms and just forget about the whole thing.

Dentist Circle

The gross revenue in my practice is stuck, but the expenses keep climbing and I'm making less and less money. I'm looking for new options because nothing seems to work.

No Matter Which Problem You're Having, I Can Promise You That You're in the Right Place. You're Just Minutes Away From the Financial Problems in Your Practice, and Your Personal Problems, Being Gone Forever!

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